Terms of Use

Rules and agreements for participation in events:
By choosing an event and purchasing participation, I pay for these tickets, seats or participation in the event and at the same time I agree with all the rules of participation and the rules of the organizers of this event. I understand and agree that at the event me and my children and my family can be photographed, filmed on video, on a phone or other photo and video devices, both by the organizers and other participants in this event. I understand and agree that these video or photo materials may end up on Internet pages, social networks or other public resources. I also understand and agree that during the event, I and my family, we are fully responsible for ourselves and our children, for our and their behavior and compliance with the rules of the event and general safety rules and state and national laws. If I purchase participation in a children's camp for my child or for my children, I know and understand that my children, my child will be looked after, cared for and assisted in everything necessary by children's educators, counselors and elders in the camp, despite this, I understand that unforeseen events are possible and my children, my child, must have insurance for this. If I, my children, my child do not have such insurance, I am fully responsible for all possible financial medical expenses that may arise with my children or with my child. I cannot judge the organizers of the camp, camp workers, educators, counselors and their insurance if something happened by accident and through no fault of theirs with my child or with my children, even if it happened in their presence and on the territory of a children's camp or place holding the event. I understand that this agreement protects the organizers, workers, educators and counselors not in order to relieve them of all responsibility for the safety of my child, my children, but in order to protect possible medical expenses for my child or for my children of my side. Under this agreement, my relationship with the organizers, workers, educators and counselors is based solely on mutual good trust and intention towards my child or my children.

No return policy:
I understand and agree that the tickets, seats or participation in the event that I have paid for, as well as the purchase of the Membership, are not subject to return or exchange or credit, i.e. the amount paid by me is not refundable if I or any of my family members, including children, do not appear for any reason at the event or miss it or be late for the event, even if we notify the organizers or the company that holds this event in advance. I understand that events are prepared in advance and all expenses and fees are calculated based on the number of participants!

Terms of use of the site and materials on the site:
All data, photographs, program codes and texts are protected by copyright and cannot be used by third parties without the written permission of the site administration.

I understand and agree that all of the above points are important for me and for the organizers of the event, and thus I and my family members cannot make claims, judge any of the organizers or participants of this event. I also understand and agree that this event is organized for the purpose of good intentions, interesting, useful pastime, communication, recreation, development and entertainment for me, my family with other participants and families.
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