• Starting October 17, the Miami Family Club community opens the After School Program for children on school days of the week! Age of children: 5-12 years. Monday-Friday, from 14:30 and from 15:30 to 18:30. In the program: Games, entertainment and creativity in the gym and in the park in the fresh air: educational activities, arts & craft, team relay races and quests, self-defense lessons, homework. We meet and deliver children from Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura schools. More information can be seen here
  • The holidays will begin very soon and the children will have school holidays. It’s good when dad and mom can spend a lot of time with their child on school holidays, but what to do if parents are busy with their own business or do not know how to use their free time as productively as possible so that the child is busy with useful things, and not spend days on the Internet in games. And if dad and maa are working, then this is a whole problem, the child is unattended all day. That is why there are special children’s camps in Miami for vacation days. It is good for children here, and it is convenient for parents! Children will not only be looked after, they will be engaged all day. Fresh air, communication with other children, educational thematic activities, swimming, fishing, drawing, modeling, sports games and relay races, and in the intervals three meals a day. Would you like to place your child in a children’s camp on vacation days? More information here
  • Go on a journey on a cruise liner with your family with your children - truly great pleasure! You, as it were, purchasing a ticket with you to the adventure immediately all and on the system everything is turned on! Your hotel, restaurants, nightclubs, kindergarten, cinema, theater, pools, jacuzzi, spa salons, casinos and more! On some ships with you even an ice skating rink, or a riding truck, water park, zipline, rock for climbing and even the ocean area with a wave for skating on the board. And all of this you can use how much your soul and body you want, right while traveling. In the breaks, you attend different islands or countries and cities, and then again on board entertainment, tasty nutrition and rest! A cruise in the spring holidays on the newest ship Odyssey of the Seas March 20-26, 2022 6 days of Mexico and the Bahamas of family cabins are no longer so much! Hurry up to book now at the best price, under the minimum deposit: cabin with a balcony for two - $ 1790, 3 people - $ 2400, 4 people - $ 3650. (Cost per cabin, along with taxes and port fees). Included: meals, mass of entertainment on board the ship. Restaurants, pools, theaters, shows, water park, ifly, Kids Club and much more. Details and booking: @etgtravel 305-924-0443
  • This Sunday, December 5 We draw, play, have fun, relax and have a great time together outdoors in the park! Dear Parents, Choose what is interesting for your child, come at a time convenient for you or stay with us for the whole day! ⚽️10: 00-11: 30 Sports games and relay races for children. We play football, pioneerball, "potatoes". Funny relay races with prizes.
  • Every Monday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can visit the Miami Zoo for only $ 15 + taxes. The largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida is home to a large number of unique animals. Recommended to visit, especially during summer holidays. Tickets are limited and must be booked online in advance.
  • For each of us, the most dear person in life is, of course, mom. After all, it was my mother who gave us life, it was my mother who was always tender and attentive to us. Mom, is exactly the person on whose examples we learn loyalty, tenderness and love for loved ones, respect and courtesy to others. Thus, the sweet holiday was unforgettable !!! The kids congratulated their dear Mothers, drew and presented cards, flowers, joyful laughter and grateful smiles. And also thank you for your participation and partnership with Kids entertainment "Mad Monkeys Event" and Natalie Dance Academy, you made this holiday magical. We thank all Parents and Children for the lovely atmosphere of this day. Mom accompanies us all our lives, regardless of whether she is next to us or thousands of kilometers away from us. The most precious word, the very first word that children pronounce is the word Mom. Happy Holidays, dear Moms.
  • Another weekend rode a cowboy! Confidently! Exciting! Fast! This weekend, Miami Family Club visited one of the best ranches in Florida. Parents and Kids were delighted. After all, to see new horizons that you have not seen before and to touch the unknown is great. So, parents and children drove through the swamp in a cool car, Swamp Buggy, Airboat, and saw the cubs of an alligator. We walked on horseback through the most beautiful fields, learned what reins, archak, saddle cloth, gallop, riding breeches and much more are. Learned to control a horse (left, right, stop) felt like real cowboys. For those who like fishing, we went to the lake at dawn and caught not only fish but also a large turtle, of course, the kids sent them back home. It was such a wonderful morning. After fishing, a classic delicious breakfast awaited us, and then we went to the farm and met the local inhabitants: llama, eagle, peacock, ostrich, ponies, geese. But that’s not all, there were many interesting things ahead. On a hot and sultry day, I really want to freshen up, and on the territory of the ranch, there is a gorgeous pool with a jacuzzi in which we spent time until the evening. And finally, the long-awaited Rodeo !!! Wow !!!! how cool, exciting and spectacular it is, brave and brave cowboys, demonstrated their professionalism in managing bulls, horses, honestly it’s great! Now we know for sure that cowboys are tough guys. After the Rodeo, we went on a picnic, continued to get acquainted, communicate, share impressions, there was a disco, dances, gifts. Thank you to everyone involved in this unforgettable journey and for the hospitality of Westgate River Ranch. We will definitely repeat it.  
  • In hot weather, you really want to freshen up, get into an oasis, forget about the hustle and bustle of the working day and see your friends again. Another weekend flew just like that! We, together with the Miami Family Club, swam, frolicked, jumped, laughed, got to know each other, how cool it was! Positiveness reigned everywhere, because it is important to be open to this world, family, friends and enjoy everything as if we were children ourselves. After the water procedures, lunch awaited us, such varied and very tasty children remained well-fed and satisfied. And most importantly, we all had an unforgettable time and upon returning home we took away a trailer of happiness. We will definitely come back and repeat.  
  • It’s great to get together in the park with friends. And arrange a holiday for the Children! Our joint picnic for Easter gave the Children a lot of smiles and cheerful laughter. Various games, workshops, soft fluffy rabbits and gifts for everyone! The official symbol of this holiday is the Easter Bunny. Children especially love this day because they collect many Easter eggs with surprises inside. We thank all the participants of this lovely holiday. In particular, Artec Academy, for their help and organization in holding Happy Easter for Parents with Children.  
  • It was the coolest day. we visited the Family Horse Academy. the weather accompanied our family vacation. the kids were delighted, because real life is right here and now! communication, acquaintance, discovery of a new world, not virtual, as with gadgets. dream friends because everything you can imagine will be so! Dream Friends, because everything that you can imagine will be so. Only think about good things, that’s what I mean
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