Piano, Singing, Guitar, Drums etc. Music Lessons


Sunny Isles Beach's Newest Music School for Talented and Gifted Children and Adults.

Music Education for All! Any Age!!!
From Birth to 99 Years Old
Pre/After School Programs

Why do many people who played musical instruments as a child no longer play even once in adulthood? 

Everything happens due to the fact that the parents themselves choose a musical instrument for the child’s play and do not take into account their intuitive and natural abilities. Our Magic Flute Montessori Music School is aimed specifically at disclosing the development and concept of personal inner skills, creative thinking abilities, and a child’s attitude. Before determining which instrument is suitable for student, he or she will learn musical alphabet  and try to play basic fundamental music foundation on every musical instrument around the world under the guidance of competent music teachers with our Montessori Music Program.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, scientist, and educator born in 384 B.C.E said, "...music makes the hearts of men glad: so that on this ground alone we may assume that the young ought to be trained in it." José Antonio Abreu, founder of an innovative music education program El Systema in Venezuela, often says, "A child who has a clarinet in his hand will not pick up a gun." Music education is a transformative experience which can alter many aspects of a student’s life: school, home, work, and community. Moreover, preliminary data from several studies indicate that children who are engaged in music, demonstrate positive outcomes associated with academics, career, and community.


United States
Sunny Isles Beach
17100 Collinse Ave, Suite 206
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Additional information
Additional Information
Drums Lessons $49 
Violin Lessons $49
Piano Lessons $49
Guitar Lessons $49
Saxophone Lessons $49
Flute Lessons $49
Singing lessons $49
Ukulele lessons $49
Music Therapy Lessons $49
Monressori Music Lessons for Children starting from Birth $49

Group Piano Solfege Lessons for Children and Adults $40
Song Production Recording $249 1h

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