Alaska adventure tour on RV

$ 3,500.00
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Alaska adventure tour on RV
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Jun 27 / Mon - Jul 08 / Fri
Event description
Ten families will embark on an exciting mobile home journey through Alaska to capture the event in their lives. Eleven days of travel with stops for 2-3 nights in the most picturesque places! Watching animals, whales, seals and bears, fishing for salmon, lake trout, sunrises and sunsets, visiting glaciers, icebergs, waterfalls, caves and national parks.
The approximate cost of all expenses for 6 people is about $ 10,000 per family, including deposit. The expenses include: rent of a mobile RV home for 6 people for 11 nights, insurance, mileage, parking in parks for RVs, individual tours and excursions, gasoline for the entire tour, meals and accompaniment of the guide and the Miami Family Club team. Flight cost is not included!

Approximate prices for excursions and tours:
Excursion by boat for 8 hours, whale and fur seal watching, glaciers (adults and children) - $ 150 per person.
Excursion on kayaks to the icebergs 3 hours (adults and children from 12 years old) - $ 45 per kayak
ATV excursion - $ 100 per person
Excursion 2 hours on electric bicycles along forest and mountain trails to the waterfalls (adults and children in carts) - $ 45 for a bicycle for 2 hours + $ 25 for a trailer for 2 children
Copper mining city full day bus tour (adults and children) - $ 100 per person. or including 30 min by plane back - $ 235
Fishing on the lake for trout (adults and children) - Free!
Fishing at the salmon on the river during rafting for 4 hours - $ 250 per person. (including drinks and snacks)
Halibut fishing - $ 430 per person Fishing on Salmona on the river all day - $ 400 per person.
Rafting on the Tonsina River (adults and children from 12 years old) - $ 175 per person for the whole day or 3-4 hours - $ 75 per person
There are 2 rafts for 8 people. and 2 rafts for 4 people.
Dog sledding (adults and children) - $ 39 per person (4 people in a wheelchair)
RV parks - $ 75- $ 150 night for one RV van.
Van insurance: $ 300- $ 650 (selected individually when renting an RV)
Gasoline - $ 65-100 per day per van
Bathing in hot springs - $ 10 per person
Meals: $ 25 per person breakfasts, $ 35 per person dinners.

To participate, a deposit of $ 2,500 is required for a family of up to 6 people. The cost of the deposit includes joint breakfasts and dinners according to the program, accompaniment and assistance of the Miami Family Club team, a local guide, common utensils and equipment for cooking, entertainment. All other expenses will be paid by each family individually when making and booking RV transport, insurance, parking in RV parks and state parks, while entering the territory of paid national parks, individual tours and excursions, buying food, gasoline, etc. You will receive detailed logistics, all instructions, links to registration and registration of parks and transport and the route program after paying the deposit.
Event rates
Initial deposit per family
$ 3,500.00
United States
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Additional information
Additional Information
Preliminary program and route:
June 26. Arrival at Anchorage. Overnight at the hotel (book by yourself).
June 27. Purchase of things that every family needs: bed linen, food, dishes, etc.
We receive the RV, route maps and the necessary instructions, load up and go on a journey! 4 hours to Tonsina River Lodge Resort (TRLR). RV installation and arrangement. Nearby there is a lake and a river. Joint dinner.
June 28. Breakfast at the restaurant of the resort. Fishing for trout in the lake. Free time for rest. On this day, you can visit the bathhouse and jacuzzi. Then we leave for the city of Valdez. On the way, stop at waterfalls. RV installation, joint dinner.
June 29. Joint breakfast. 10:00 am 8-hour boat tour: whale watching, fur seals, glaciers and caves. Dinner and rest together.
June 30. Breakfast. Excursions in groups of 6-10 people: Kayaking tour to the icebergs 2 hours -7 people. Tour 2 hours on electric bicycles with carts for children to the waterfalls along the mountain and forest trails - 10 people. Halibut fishing in the ocean - 6 people all day. Quad bike tour 2 hours for 4 people Joint dinner. Parking and overnight stay at the RV camping site.
July 1. Breakfast. Transfer to Tonsina River Lodge. Lunch at the restaurant. You can fish on the lake, ride a dog sled for 4 people. Bath and jacuzzi. Joint dinner.
July 2. Breakfast at the restaurant of the resort. Mini-bus tour for 8 people to Kennicott (4 hours one way). You can fly back part of the way by plane. Excursion around the Old Town, raikas to the mines or to the glacier. Return to the camp. Joint dinner. On this day, instead of a tour: rafting or rafting with fishing - 4 hours. Dog sledding. Fishing on the lake. Bath.
July 3. Joint breakfast. Drive 6 hours to Fairbanks with a stop for lunch. Visit to the Santa Claus Museum and Zoo. Continue for 1.5 hours to China Hot Sprins. Bathing in hot springs. Visit to the Museum of Ice Figures. Joint dinner. Parking and overnight stay at the RV camping site.
July 4. Joint breakfast, transfer 4 hours to Mak-Kinli Park (Denali Park). Animal watching, excursions, hikes. Drive 3 hours to Talkeetna (Denali Park). Joint dinner. Parking and overnight stay at the RV campsite
July 5. Joint breakfast. Drive 3.5 hours to Girdwood Alyesco Resort (Anchorage) Relax and free time! Joint dinner. Parking and overnight stay at the RV camping site.
July 6. 8 am - Full day tour 3 hours in Seward, 3 hours in the city and 6 pm - 3 hours back on the panoramic train. Joint dinner. Parking and overnight stay at the RV camping site.
July 7. Joint breakfast. Girdwood Alyesco Resort. Celebrating a trip on the mountain in a restaurant!
July 8. Joint breakfast. Early transfer to Anchorage (3 hours on the road). We rent an RV. Overnight at the hotel (or evening flight home).
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