Партнеры / Независимые агенты

Welcome to our affiliate / Independent Agent program!

Registration in our affiliate program is free. It doesn’t require any technical skills from you and takes no more than a few mouse clicks. Then you will be able to choose the most profitable plan for you with higher interest rates. To start making a profit, you just need to attract as many leads and suppliers to the site as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways and marketing tools. For example, you can place your referral link or banner on social networks, which will direct more traffic to our side. The MFC company, for its part, will pay you a commission for every transaction made by a registered user who has followed your referral link.

How it works?

Once you register, you get your affiliate account along with useful tools such as an overview of general account stats, reports indicating traffic sent from your website, commission stats, HMTL banner codes, and more. You will be notified by email of any successful transactions completed by your referrals.

* You may further post a table highlighting commission rates for each of the action completed by your referrals.
  • Your visitor registers and pays for the membership, you get paid - from 20% to 50% of the cost of the membership US $
  • And other events eligible for a commission!
Our active agents earn over $ 5K per month. This allows them not to work anywhere else and to do this business full time!

Starting page of the Affiliate Program

The link to the program page is added to the footer menu of your classifieds site. You may also add it to the main menu. The page outlines the Agreement of the affiliate program and allows new users to register or sign in, if users already have accounts. Users may also register in the program through a default registration page by selecting an affiliate account type. Registered program users may log in the program through a default login form.

Starting page for a logged in Affiliate User

The page presents a comprehensive account overview where an affiliate may view statistics relating to site visits, registered referrals, completed transactions, earned and pending commissions. Stats are available for the entire period or a period since the latest payout to the affiliate. The key stats are duplicated in a diagram giving an affiliate a better visual understanding of differences in figures. The page also contains a unique referral link, which may be added to a website or an appropriate article.

Commissions Page

This page presents detailed information on commissions on earnings and available to an affiliate such as:

  • Commission status (whether it is available to be payable or not);
  • When earnings are expected to be paid;
  • Transaction details;
  • Earning amount and payout date.

Payment History

The page presents a list of payments made by the Administrator to a given affiliate with information such as payout date, number of deals and amount paid. The affiliate may also view payment details such as list of earnings and a referral’s action, which earned an affiliate a commission. All of the payment details may be exported into a PDF file.


The page contains different banners added by the Administrator. Note that banners are missing by default. Each banner has its display parameters and an html source code for adding it to the affiliate site. On this page, the affiliate user may select the banner of the optimum size that would perfectly fit in a particular website ad space.

Traffic Log Page

The page provides information on incoming traffic from a given affiliate website. The data is presented in a table showing a referral’s IP address, his geo location and also indicates whether the referral simply visited the site or signed up.

The affiliate program has a range of useful features for the Administrator as well.

General Event Manager

The manager lists all the events which occurred in the affiliate program, such as:

  • Referral’s landing on a website;
  • Referral’s registration;
  • Commission earned for a listing added.

The information is presented in a user-friendly grid where the Administrator may view each event in detail. The manager offers a range of criteria, based on which the Administrator may further narrow down the event details to a particular affiliate or a referral, time period, event type, and status.

Banner Manager

The Administrator may add banners, which will be become available for Agent/Affiliate. Once the banners have been added, the affiliates may use the codes to add them to their website. 

Payment History Log

The manager contains a history of payouts made to the affiliate. The Administrator may use this tool to trace the payment history and obtain an insight into commission details relating to each of the payout. 

Payout Page

Currently, the commissions can be paid manually; however, the process is pretty straightforward. The Administrator is notified once the affiliate earns a commission that is ready to be paid to him. To mark affiliate earnings as paid, the Administrator may tick all the payable earnings in the grid as paid, which will bring up a popup window highlighting the payment details for selected transactions. Using the affiliate’s billing details, for instance his PayPal account, the Administrator needs to manually pay out earnings to an affiliate.

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